Mobile Computing

Om Shri Ganeshaya Namah

Mobile Computing class notes for 2011 Jan-July session can be found here. The material will be incrementally developed and added here. As usual, the pdfs are password protected and you know what it is:-
Adobe Reader Version 9 is seen to cause problems in printing.Use Foxit Reader (free software and approx 2Mb)

Class Notes _
Cover Page ! Seriously !
Class Plan
Table of Contents
Chap1- Introduction
Chap2- 1st Generation Cellular
Chap3- P C S
Chap4- G S M
Chap5- Signalling System 7
Chap6- G P R S
Chap7- C D M A
Chap8- Wireless Local Loop
Chap9- Third Generation Cellular
Chap10- Mobile IP
Chap11- Global Mobile Satellite Systems
Chap12- Wireless LAN
Chap13- Bluetooth
Chap14- Wireless Enterprise Network
Chap15- Wireless Application Protocol
Chap16- Wireless Markup Language
Chap17- J 2 E E
Chap18- Pervasive Web
Assignment 1
Assignment 2
WML Guide from Tutorialpoint

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