Relational Database Management Systems

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Topics on RDBMS
Merits of using a DBMS over a file processing system  
Data Models and Supplimental Reading on them
Codd's Rules
Concurrency Story
Deadlock (Detection, Prevention and Recovery)
Timestamp and multiversion schemes of concurrency control
Recovery Systems, Log based, Deferred Update Method,
Immediate Update Method, Checkpoints
Optimistic Scheduling
Distributed Database Systems
Logical Databases, Data Warehousing, Data Mining,  OLAP and OLTP
Query Processing and Optimization
Past assignments
1 and 2
3 and 4
5 and 6
New DBMS Material
The Text books for RDBMS
Ramakrishna & Geherke - Specially for Relational Algebra, Calculi and QBE
Bipin C Desai - QBE
Silberschatz, Korth, Sudarshan - almost all other
Ramez Elmasri & Shamkant B Navathe - This is the prescribed book so don't neglect. Bit complicated to follow though, Well I am here to guide you.
Things which are not here
    These things are covered in great detail in the class and I could not prepare digital copies of the notes, They may be available later depending on the free time available to me as there are technical things involved like symbols, I can't make it done by any other support staff.
  1. Normalization
  2. Relational Algebra
  3. TD Calculi
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