Graphics.h Programming with C/C++

Installation Steps

  1. Install Minimalistic GNU Win 32 bit (Even if your system is 64 bit)
    1. Download from : TDM-GCC 10.3.0 release | tdm-gcc (
    2. The current download is 60.2 GB file.
    3. Do not download the 64 bit version. Avoid the temptation, it really won't work.
    4. Installation steps are here :
  2. Add Graphics Library Files
    1. Download from : Graphics Library
    2. There are 3 Files.
    3. winbgim.h and graphics.h are header files. Install them according to instructions.
    4. libbgi.a is the binary library file. Install it according to instructions.
  3. Install Dev C++
    1. Go to Dev-C++ Overview - Free Tools - Embarcadero
    2. We only want the IDE. However this comes along with the compiler that we won't need.
    3. The free Download would require you to enter your details.
    4. Install it according to instructions
  4. Configure the compiler parameters for graphics in Dev C++
    1. We need to select the compiler. Follow the instructions.
    2. We need to add the linker arguments. Follow the instructions.
  5. Test
    1. Write a small program and test.